By now we hope you’ve heard of The JXN Flea. Although you may have seen the name or even attended our inaugural Flea on September 7, you may not know what The JXN Flea is all about. Here’s our story:

A few months ago brothers my brother Ahmad and I envisioned a monthly market where artists, small businesses, and sellers from all walks of life could have a safe, inclusive and affordable space to reach their audience. As small business owners ourselves we understand how important support from the community is for growth and longevity, so we wanted to do our part to help other small businesses reach their goals. This led to the development of our tag line “Love Big. Shop Small.

We wanted to create an event to give the community a chance to support their local businesses of all sizes, in essence, people buying from people. We saw so many talented artists, creators, makers, builders, and other talented businesses becoming frustrated with the lack of exposure and connection with the community and we sprang into action to do something about it.

Our family has a legacy of entrepreneurship and at its core The JXN Flea shares the same principles as every other Thompson family business. Consistency, quality, acceptance and kindness are what have made our other businesses successful and we plan to continue that with The Flea. If you’ve supported The Flamingo, TNT Construction, or Fahrenheit Creative Group, then you know what to expect from The Flea.

Although Flea is in the name, we want this event to be more than just a monthly market. We want you to bring your families to hang out, do some shopping and play games with the community. We want businesses to try out new products or designs to learn their niche. We want children and young adults to be inspired by what is possible when you embrace your community and do your part to make it thrive.

So in a nutshell the JXN Flea is people showing support for their community and neighbors by choosing to show up to the weekend markets to support the sellers who pour their heart into their businesses. Simply showing up with a smile and curiosity is enough to give local sellers confidence that the community supports them, even if you don’t buy anything.

The JXN Flea exists to bridge the gap between local businesses and the community and with your help we can make that happen.

If you’re a seller interested in vending at The JXN Flea, click the button below to apply to join our wonderful family of vendors.

Love Big. Shop Small.